We have restricted our racing team to 18 dogs which enables us the time to train and treat each greyhound as an individual.

The dogs are worked twice daily. This consists of walking on our rotary walker and free galloping one at a time in spacious deer fenced paddocks.

Dog working on the "straight track"On alternate days we use our straight track for the fast work.

We also have 3 100m sand/loam runs that we utilise to give the dogs a less strenuous workout.

We also have access to swim our dogs. While injured etc..

All this gives the dogs a varied routine.

The dogs are fed twice daily, this includes quality beef, greyhound kibble and vitamins.

I do all my own injury checking and treating where possible.

Owners and syndicate members are always welcome to come and view our facilities and see their dogs.

Wayne giving an ultrasound treatmentTraining Costs

Daily charge $13+GST

Trial fees as charged by the racing clubs ($5-$10)

Transport fees $40 to Auckland $10.25 Cambridge

Veterinary expenses charged as used e.g. worming, any medicines, operations etc..

Stakes paid out monthly minus expenses and 15% trainers fee

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